Digital Rights Management

springboardvr-cli currently offers a wrapper style DRM method that requires no additional code by a content creator and is fully automated. In the future we will be offering an SDK based DRM solution as well as an extra optional layer of security for content creators.

Wrapper DRM

Our wrapper based DRM solution is a fully automated DRM system that requires no interaction from a content creator.

It operates similarly to the CryptoLocker ransomware where on boot up a private key and public key is generated for each install of a title and stored on the server. Whenever the title is launched it will decrypt the files and then re-encrypt them with a new rotating key.

This public key caches locally on the machine for a few hours to allow for intermittent and unreliable internet connections. The exact amount of time it caches for is fuzzed to prevent abuse.


Our SDK DRM method currently is not available. Check back on our DRM page for more details.

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