Utility commands

Some commands in springboardvr-cli aren't related to diffing, patching, or pushing builds. They're just generally useful commands, used for example, by the SpringboardVR app.

springboardvr-cli dl will download a file from a given URL and save it somewhere on disk. It supports resuming uploads (if the HTTP server supports byte range requests, otherwise it'll start over), will check the file's size when done, and if the server responds with Google Cloud Storage's private headers, it will check the crc32c1 hash of the downloaded file.

1. CRC-32 with the Castagnoli polynomial.

springboardvr-cli wipe will completely remove a file or a folder and its content, recursively.

springboardvr-cli ditto will copy a folder to another place on your disk, preserving permissions (with a mask) and symbolic links (as opposed to cp, which copies the actual files the symlinks point to).

springboardvr-cli untar will extract a .tar archive, preserving permissions (with a mask) and symlinks. It will work with .tar archive missing directory entries by just creating them.

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