Logging in

In order to use the springboardvr-cli push command, you'll need to grant springboardvr-cli access to your SpringboardVR account.

To do so, simply run the springboardvr-cli login command:

If you forget this step, springboardvr-cli will ask you to login the first time you use a command that requires credentials. No worries!

Once you complete the login flow, your credentials will be saved locally.

Running springboardvr-cli from a remote server (SSH etc.)

Sometimes you find yourself working from a remote server. Perhaps the server has a better internet connection than your local machine does, and you're using it to generate builds for you - in that case, it makes sense to use springboardvr-cli directly from it.

Logging in from a remote server looks like this:

  • Install springboardvr-cli on the remote server
  • Run springboardvr-cli login on your remote server
  • Open the login URL from your local machine and follow the instructions
  • It will redirect you to a page that doesn't load
  • Copy the address of that page
  • Paste it into the terminal where springboardvr-cli login is running, and press enter.

Running springboardvr-cli from CI builds (Travis CI, Gitlab CI etc.)

If you're using springboardvr-cli to push builds from a continuous integration environment such as Travis CI, Gitlab CI, or Jenkins, the easiest way to go is:

  • Go through the springboardvr-cli login flow locally
  • In your CI configuration, set the environment variable SPRINGBOARDVR_API_KEY

You can find your API key locally:

  • Linux: ~/.config/springboardvr/springboardvr_creds
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/springboardvr/springboardvr_creds
  • Windows: %APPDATA%/springboardvr/springboardvr_creds

*Reminder: your API key is a secret. Most CI systems have good environment variable hygiene, which means they won't print it during the build.

Logging out

You can erase your local credentials with the springboardvr-cli logout command:

Working with multiple accounts

Although you can add other accounts as admin to your SpringboardVR page, if you need to use springboardvr-cli from different accounts on the same machine, you can use the -i (or --identity) option to specify a different file to save/read credentials from.

springboardvr-cli -i ~/.config/springboardvr/other_springboardvr_account_credentials push dir content:channel

On Linux and/or Mac, you might want to make an alias if you use it often.

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