App manifests

App manifests are used to provide our CDS with technical details of your content.

Currently the primary use of a manifest is to explicity provide arguments required to launch your content correctly.


A manifest is a file named .springboardvr.toml placed at the top level of your titles directory.

For example, the Windows build of a Unity build might be structured like this:


The contents of the file must be valid TOML markup.

Validating your manifest

Before you push a build with your manifest file, you can validate with the springboardvr-cli validate command.

Read the Validating your manifest section for more information.


Manifests can provide an action that instructs the SpringboardVR launcher how to start your title correctly.

name = "play"
path = "FooBar.exe"
args = ["--some-special-argument", "--a-second-argument"]

Read the manifest actions page to learn more about what you can do with those.

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