Manifest actions

Actions provide details of how to launch your content. Currently you should provide at most one action.

Valid actions contain at least:

  • A name: this will affect the label shown to users
  • A path: this specifies what to run when the action is picked

For executables, give the path of the .exe on Windows, of the binary or launcher script on Linux, and of the app bundle on macOS.

Here's a minimal manifest with a single action:

name = "play"
path = "Overland.exe"


For now, just name your action play.


Paths should be a file path, relative to the manifest's location (ie. the content folder).

If you're unsure how an action will be opened by the SpringboardVR app, use springboardvr-cli validate command on your build folder to run a simulation. See Validating builds and manifests for more info.

Sample manifest:

name = "play"
path = "bin/file.exe"


The args field can be used to specify an array of arguments to pass to native executables.

Sample manifest:

name = "A lot of arguments"
path = "sample.exe"
args = ["--that", "--is", "--a", "lot=of-arguments"]

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